BTC @ SEA: Tickets on Sale!


I am proud to announce the return of our underground dinner series with a storytelling twist. After 2 years of silence we return to serve you a meal and some stories aboard a private boat.   I’m honored to be cooking and chatting alongside some of the most talented people in the food and seafood industry.

From Kirk of Sea Forager to Eddie Dick formally of Nopa and Kitchit, each person is bringing amazing local and sustainable seafood to the dinner along with some sea tales and songs along the way.

We will have two seatings at 5:30 and 8:30 pm sharp on March 22nd, 2014.

Music by: Fishwives Trio

Many fun seafaring surprises for all that dine with us! Look forward to seeing you there!


Tickets, Menu, & Additional Info:


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Behind the Cart 5: Behind the Truck

It’s true.

Behind the Cart is finally back and this time we are keeping it real and keeping it real private with a nice and nerdy place for all to hang out and enjoy a meal served like you haven’t seen before.  If you don’t pass out from food coma by the end of our amazing line-up, you’ll be encouraged to engage in an open discussion about the life and times of the food people serving you.

Tickets will be on sale via Kitchit starting March 6th, 2013.

The full menu is available on the “A la cart” tab.

Here is a fun little video I just saw for the first time this evening that briefly describes Behind the Cart.  Wish I had known about this:

Click to see a reporter on a corner talk about me and BTC!

I look forward to seeing you all and thank you to all who came out to Eat My Heart Out last month!



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Behind the Cart…Got Behind.

Dear diners and fans alike,

I apologize for the silence that has grown between myself and you all regarding these great events.  If you know a little about me then you know I have been a busy boy and not silent at all in other forms.  Luckily my passion for these underground dining events has not waivered at all and after a trip to Eat Retreat and a handful of dinners here in the bay area, I am happy to say we are returning with a twist.

You see, it was at an event of my dear, dear friend Iso that I overhead a man saying he was a comedian and had a show he wanted to put on.  The truth is at first I mostly wanted to talk to him because I heard he was a comedian and you don’t get to meet that type of human being that often so maybe it would be fun.  It was kind of like getting excited to run up and see the sea lions at the zoo because they are a rare and funny site to see and experience.  What’s not funny was how wild it was when I finally got to hearing about his dinner concept he wanted to serve.  Instead of stories coming from the food like we are doing here with Behind the Cart, this funny man wanted to make the food come from the stories!  Egads!  Say it ain’t so!  Why didn’t I think of that? No really, why the hell didn’t I think of that.  Now I know it was mostly because I come from a more food-centric background when it comes to this and he comes from a more storytelling background when it comes to this.  Enchanting an audience in a way they have never experienced is where we meet in the middle and I look forward to what we are bringing you.

The series is called Eat My Heart Out and features 5 local storytellers sharing a tale with you all while Chef Joel Coleman and staff interpret and serve you a 5 course meal inspired by each one.  The event has already been mentioned in SF Weekly and we are happily accepting submissions for stories for future dinners coming up.  It has been an honor to find someone who has the same passion and gusto for this stuff as I do and I think we will be putting on a handful of wonderful dinner series for you to enjoy.

For now, stay tuned for announcements on Facebook and here for tickets to go on sale this Friday, Feb. 1st!  We already have a pretty large waitlist for tickets so we hope to see you there!  Info at 

Lastly, do not think this means Behind the Cart has gone and passed.  We are shooting to have one back in the East Bay in March.  I’m also happy to report that I got to report on another great girl doing great things with underground dinners just this past weekend. NOSH of Berkeleyside invited me to cover Little Shop Artisan Box and her first ever underground dinner with Chef Jackson.  Check out the article and also look into her great product, which I hope you will be sampling this year at BTC.


Michael Davidson

Photo was taken by DTimothy.  

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A Non-food related, just bingo related “blog post”

So a lot of weird things have happened to me along the grilled cheese/food journey. I gone many places, seen many things, and met many people. I also have been given offered many odd propositions for various things relating to grilled cheeses and my company. This most recent offering involved me writing about some topics I usually don’t write about. One of them is women. Being gay, that topic will be far and few between here on this site. I know little of them except for my mom and she reads this blog pretty religiously so there is no way in hell I am going there.

A second topic offered to me was games and gaming. I would be lying if I said I did not like these things. I in fact love them. Before the time of my injured right hand I was a Smash Brothers Champion and a player of many indie/strategy/Nintendo games that have come out. I still follow the titles and jump in on the big ones when I hear about them, just like a good movie buff would do. I also like gaming in the sense of the area of Vegas where they have all those pretty tables and free drinks that I can somehow drink 24 of and still not be totally hammered. I have some voodoo luck when it comes to roulette and I would have to say I’m not too shabby at poker. There is nothing more fun than taking money from another adult at a poker table.

The third topic was Cheeky Bingo. These things I know nothing about. I am not cheeky nor do like Bingo. I have hosted an underground brunch based off the game of Bingo so there’s that. But after, there is really nothing else I can say nor make up nor even am required to make up in order to complete my Cheeky task.

So there you have it folks. If you don’t understand what this post is about, I’ll tell you in person. If you do, you probably own a website.



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Behind the Cart’s Bayou Bash!

In the words of my new favorite show about catering and food, Party Down, I gotta say:

“Are we having fun yet????!!!”

For the first time I think there was a pretty resounding consensus of yes.   I truly wonder if managers of restaurants get as much wonder and excitement with each day of being open as I do with Behind the Cart.  I guess it’s unfair to compare as we get to change out our chefs, our ambiance, and even our food cuisine with each event.  Still,  it is a great experience to watch a group of food people with varying degrees of skills work and attempt in the many parts of the restaurant/kitchen/service, sometimes for the first time in such a manner.  Not only did I have the chefs coming together, but I also got to work alongside the young adults of Old Skool Cafe, which is an absolute honor and learning experience.  Of course, the absolute cherry on top of the night was most definitely the MJ’s Brass Boppers bringing down the house while everyone enjoyed some of the best cuisine I have enjoyed in a while from SF.

I also really enjoyed the dynamic conversation we got to have between the chefs and audience this time and realize that we were so excited, we didn’t tape this round of discussions!  I apologize sincerely but was proud to hear questions relating to food inspiration and food laws (cottage laws!) backed up by a lot of appreciation for the chefs. I have to thank all the chefs yet again for being so brave to come together and serve an epic meal behind the scenes in the kitchen while also coming out to take questions and share stories.  In the coming weeks I will post about each course and share additional photos and stories behind the scenes of our latest installment of Behind the Cart.

Stay tuned next week for a big announcement about the next exciting Behind the Cart entitled:

BTC + NTM  :  AD   5/26/12

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from this Behind the Cart.  A huge thanks to Nicole from Pretty Hungry for all the stunning photos!  We will also have photos from Fer ofFer’s Bites. I highly encourage you to check them and all the great vendors out for more info about where they will be taking food photos next and serving more amazing food next!  A big thanks again and check back soon!


Michael Davidson

The amazing Sivan and his Liege waffle topped with Frozen Kuhsterd.

S+S Gastro grub’s Gumbo Pot Pie avec boiled crawfish over greens.

Myself doing way too large blocks of Red Hawk Cheese over Inna Jam Jalapeno pepper & walnuts.

Acme’s Epi bread.  A childhood favorite and pointy to keep the southern swampy thing going.

Angry Man Eats amazing hush puppies with apple butter and pepper jam.  AMAZING!

Behind the Cart at it’s best.  A beautiful moment.

The beautiful gumbo pot pies.

Hush Puppies a comin.

Fat Alley Foods and his delectable shrimp etouffee.

One of my favorite shots from this event.  The attention to detail and dedication each chef gives to these events is really what makes it work.  I look forward to working with old and new chefs next time!

Check out Fer’s Bite’s blog of this #BTC with many great photos and commentary.  (The Captain)

PSS – Outstanding in the Field tickets go on sale today.  This is the coup de gras of underground dinners.  This will be my third time and you can see photos at in the archives.

PPSS – Technically, my next underground dinner will be a Grilled Cheese Champ night at Old Skool Cafe on April 14th.  Come enjoy me run the restaurant for a night serving up some of my newest secret recipes that I will be entering into this year’s Grilled Cheese Invitational in L.A.   The night will be served a la cart style alongside some fine local beverages.

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Behind the Cart’s inspiration is still Wild and kicking

After a sudden cancellation of a big 2-day event for the GrilledCheezGuy, I decided to offer me up my freed Saturday evening to Iso and one of his Wild Kitchen dinners. It had been a good deal of time since I have been to a ForageSF dinner and was happy to join the crew for a full course meal at the Florida Cafe in the Mission.




I spent a lot of the evening observing, serving, prepping, chatting, and most importantly eating every delicious course. I enjoyed hearing the chef and Iso speak about the ingredients and where they had come from and some of the interesting facts about them. Iso the fisherman told us about the night smelt and pulling nets out of the surf with a bounty of bait fish. The chef told us that his foraged herbs for the evening were cilantro and thai basil. While plating the salads, I smiled seeing the miner’s lettuce being used as that has become the icon of ForageSF for me after learning about it at my first dinner. All the courses were amazing this evening but I will give my award to the local sole with squid, wheatberries, uni beurre blanc, and wild mushroom hash. The mushrooms were local hedgehog mushrooms and when you got a bite of all these things together the result was a perfect firework of flavors in my mouth. It was definitely a hot commodity for the staff in the back closet. The best part about the evening, however, was seeing how well Iso and his ForageSF crew still pour the heart and soul into every details and truly care about their forage movement.

With exactly one week till my next dinner, I can not rave enough about the dinners. Although I now can call Iso a friend, I will never forget myself sitting at my first ForageSF dinner, eating and enjoying the amazing experience of my first underground dinner. Imitation is the best form of flattery, and I always hope that the Behind the Cart chefs and I can try live up to the man who inspired it all, our local foraging foodie star Mr. Iso Rabins.

Enjoy the photos from the dinner.  For more information about the Wild Kitchen dinners and ForageSF, click here.  It was nice to meet a couple that had actually been to Behind the Cart BINGO brunch and said they loved it!  A very surreal moment for me.  Maybe next week I will have some guests that were at ForageSF! See you all Saturday!






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Brass, Glass, and a whole lot of class.

That title almost sums up everything about this upcoming dinner.  We want to bring you all three of those things in spades.

I am happy to announce a new addition to this upcoming dinner, that being the custom made glasses by Tinkering Productions. I met him and his wonderful creations while checking out the Firehouse Art Collective’s new space at the ever changing Emeryville Public Market.  The glasses weren’t the first thing I noticed when I passed by his stand.  He designs wood cut small robots that can hold pens and business cards as well.  I also learned that the glasses were not laser etched but actually sand blasted with vinyl to make the images.  I proposed the idea of having his foodie glasses covering our table and not only was he totally excited about the idea, but he even made a small batch of custom Behind the Cart pint glasses!!!!!

We will be raffling away some of these great pint glasses to those who are joining us* March 3rd!  The glass looks perfect to enjoy that local Lone Mountain brew we will be pouring for you alllllllllll night** long!

Tickets can be purchased here via Eventbrite.

See you there,



*All ticket purchasers are entered into the pint glasses raffle for the evening!

**shows over at 8:30. :(


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BTC: The first look Behind the Scenes.

As we countdown to the next Behind the Cart let us take a moment and reflect on what exactly Behind the Cart is all about.  As we move around the bay area and meet new people I get a lot of curiosity about what these underground dinners or Pop-Ups are all about.  Although it can be explained and understood with words the saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words.  This means a moving picture lasting nearly 7 minutes must be worth millions of em.  Well thanks to Myla Baker & Tap In Bay Area, I am proud to present the first film about Behind the Cart.

If you own an Ipad I highly encourage you to download the program from Bay Area News called Tap In.  It’s a wonderful app that shows you local events and places along with amazing videos, photos, and maps.  They have actually covered the first 3 Behind the Carts and each video is simply stunning.   Each one was recorded, edited, and produced by Myla Baker who is one of the rare three-time attending people for Behind the Cart.  Each video has been very unique and captures the excitement and energy of the events.  Not just that, they may be the only videos I am proud to show off that include me in it speaking and talking in front of the camera!  That is some skills.  Both Myla and Bay Area News were kind of enough to share the video from the first dinner here.  I unfortunately could not figure out how to embed the “simple” code they sent me so I must ask you to click this link below and go watch and then come back.

Upon your return, I hope that you will see the amazing experience that happens when you bring together a bunch of local food celebs and let them create a magical evening for you. The passion behind the plates is intense and I look forward to starting to put many more videos that I will show you many more of the stories behind the carts.  I encourage you to get tickets to our next dinner soon as the table is already half full and some of our local favorites will be promoting for us soon!

Click here to watch the Bay Area News film of the first Behind the Cart, produced by Myla Baker.

See you in March,

Michael Davidson


Myla specializes in creating photos and videos profiling businesses and personalities in the bay area.  Her email is and you can check out her Vimeo page with some of her other work as well.

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I know most of y’all think the big ticket today is the big game.

But you’re wrong.

It is actually the big tickets that are going on sale at noon for the next Behind the Cart.

Not only is the food going to make your taste buds dance all night long but we hope our special guests MC’s Brass Boppers will make you rise up from your chairs and praise the joys of New Orleans!


Tickets on sale at noon!

Enjoy the game and grab your tickets!  Go Behind the Cart!


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New Year & New Round of Behind the Cart

Tickets  now on sale via Eventbrite! 

Well the behind the scenes of Behind the Cart have been keeping me busy but I am very glad to say we are coming back to bring you the best in culinary collaboration there is.

Top Chef, eat your heart out.

There the contestants get to know each other, bunk together, and form cliques and clans. Here we have 7 local cooks, chefs, caterers, and carters coming together to serve a full course meal without ever working together in an entirely new place. Sure you might get to sleep with another contestant on Top Chef over the course of the show, but here you only get one shot to get screwed by your culinary companions. I’m glad to say we here at Behind the Cart aren’t trying to take this angle anyway, as we keep our love and lovin for our food and our foodies.

Why such colorful words to start off the new year? Because that is exactly how are are starting. The first one of the year goes close to my roots, the south. When you think of one place that has pure passion for their food, for their culture, and for their music you can only think of one. New Orleans. I decided to go NOLA style when I found the place of the next dinner. A little off the beaten path of San Francisco, it is slowly becoming a home to some big food names which is always good to see. The roots of the restaurant have deep jazz roots and the ambiance of the room instantly made me realize what we had to do. Being both a Florida southerner and a French son I have had both cusines separate but never actually made it to Nawlins when I lived there to get the full cuisine. There were times in Gainesville, FL, that someone woul bring a big plastic bag full of crawdads that we would sit and suck on. I also remember sneaking into the frat pledge week parties and having a lot of fried and blackened alligator. Hush pupping also popped up on my plate a lot living in north central Florida. When I started reaching out to some of the local chefs it did not take long to find people that already had been cooking dishes from this corner of the country. Working together we created a menu that covered some of the three most popular seafoods used in the area. Alligator is the only one that got away but lucky enough you will have a Florida Gator as your host for the evening. Just don’t try and cook me, unless things go that bad.

I’m also very excited to partner with our hosts for this event and hopefully many more as the non-profit is one that immediately warmed my heart to learn about and participate with. Old Skool Cafe helps teach at risk youth in our area all the facets of the food industry so that they can get jobs in any area of the restaurant. From bartending to prepping, from bussing to serving, they learn all the ropes. For our special Behind the Cart series with Old Skool Cafe, all the chefs will be taking some extra time to teach the kids the recipes they are going to be making for the dinner. By bringing in so many local cooks with their special recipes and personal stories, I hope that Behind the Cart will be able to inspire more than just the people that come and join us at the table. This new opportunity will let us all go beyond that and pass the passion and respect we have to the kitchen onto others.

I can not thank everyone enough for all the support in 2011 and we look forward to another great year sharing our food and our stories with you in 2012. Look for videos and discussions from the events as well as ongoing new stories about our past participants on the site.

To another great year and we all look forward to seeing you at the table and behind the cart.

Behind the Cart 4: NOLA in SF!

March 3rd, 2012 5:30 – 8:30 PM @ Semi-Secret Location

Music by:

9-piece New Orleans band MJ’s Brass Boppers are gonna make it become SF in NOLA!

Chefs include:

S + S Gastro Grub, Fat Alley Foods, Angry Man Eats, GrilledCheezGuy, Suite Foods, Frozen Kusterd, The Uncommon Pickle

Tickets on sale this weekend via Eventbrite.  Stay tuned to via Facebook & Twitter.

Special thanks to the Loneliest Spacegirl for the design!

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