A Pop-Up in the Patch!

The Albany Patch that is. ┬áSince I am considerably slower at posting updates than others I thought I would throw up this link to last night’s event written up by the wonderful Emilie at Albany Patch!

Courtesy of Albany Patch


I think it was a very successful night and I know everyone involved had a great time cooking and serving and sampling the massive amounts of food that were there.

A special thank you to Rhasaan and Mike from Sam’s Log Cabin for letting us create my American Dream in their beautiful restaurant.

I’d also like to thank my helpers behind the scenes: Corey, Meera, Jake & Neil.

Lastly but not leastly thanks again to my fellow food carts of all their effort going into this.  This is a very new and challenging experience for us all and you all continue to defy all odds with your level of quality and kitchen astuteness.

Stay tuned for posted audio clips, photos, new articles, and much much more!

Hope to see you all in September!


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