BTC2: Recap: The Amusing Bouche.


Photography by Albert Law

So even though I am supposed to be resting up after such a long and wonderful weekend of designing and doing your dinner, I couldn’t resist the urge to come on here and share the photo’s the talented man Albert Law of Pork Belly Studio took for us.  There are so many beautiful and wonderful shots that I am going to serve them up…..course by course.

Tonight’s course will be the Amuse made by….me.  I apologize again for the temporary sadness and pain that shot through the audience when they registered the size and scope of the grilled cheese they were getting.  Ahhhh c’est la vie.

Photo by Albert Law

Photography by Albert Law

Granted I made a pretty simple grilled cheese and gazpacho combo but there is a part of me that just refuses to leave the kitchen entirely at these dinners.   I love, love, LOVE hosting and organizing and micromanaging the evening but there is something about cooking in these new locations with a new menu slot I must fufill that is awesome.  It’s as close as I and probably some of the others get to TV-esque food battling.  This is Iron Chef except all the chefs are sharing the same kitchen that they most rotate in and rotate out of with grace, ease, and talent.  First in was nice because no chef storms had blown through yet and I got my piece of land claimed early.  It was nothing to be too proud of though, for it was basically a TV dinner size counter top with my electric grill and a place to stand.  But no matter the size or the location or the chaos the brick can answer all calls.  It was a simple “Set It and Forget It” moment that allowed me to perform other feats while they cooked (and my sous chef stood by).  The gazpacho was made the night before with some special ingredients given to me by my good friend.  I was hoping it was going to be a little warmer of an evening (although NO complaints there) when I first booked this date but apparently the weather isn’t following the rules anymore.   It was fun to create a bite size soup & sandwich and when I saw those stars & bars cupcake holders I was set and so was the size (unfortantely for the avid cheeseheads).

Photography by Albert Law

The other going-ons at that time were what make Behind the Cart such a great and wonderful experience for everyone.  What I saw was all the cooks from all the carts coming together to help with my course and the next one in any way they could, with no chaos.  These were people that knew how to pick up and go and I think because we all come from the streets there was also little hesitation.  Us food carts are used to showing up at an event we have never been to and being asked if we can grill up sandwiches in a corner the size of telephone booth on the 3rd floor.  In the dark area.  We are modular and we are adaptable and this was apparent from the moment the amuse came to be.   It is one of the great moments that only the chefs and cooks get to see and enjoy and appreciate about Behind the Cart.

Photography by Albert Law

Based on that very idea I will leave this post with an Amuse of its own.   Somewhere in the future we will come together for a very very engaging dinner that will allow you to go Behind the Cart the whole time, all the time baby.  Can us cooks handle the heat? Can you keep our chef secrets secret?  Take the 1st tempting bite and make sure you sign up for our mailing list so you can be served up at our next secret scene.



PS – Thanks again to Albert Law.  All the photo’s posted for each course will be his so please check him out and I highly recommend him for any bay area gigs!


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