BTC2: Recap: A Humble First Course

I first met this duo at a park event in San Francisco.  I was immediately humbled by their cart’s presence compared to mine.  They had a sexy and sleek stand, a beautiful banner, a framed menu, and T-shirts! I instantly was excited for the T-shirts and the Nutella chocolates they had made…..and left at home.  Fear not, they went back to get them as any real chef would.  So that they would not be embarrassed at their mistake, I made sure to 1-Up them and lock myself in to some woman’s backyard porch right next to the park.  Not just locked in, but doorknob fell out and I didn’t know anyone’s names or where I was or if anyone was planning on coming back locked in.  Granted these ladies were actually in earshot of me but I wasn’t ready to admit defeat yet and look like a foolish cook.  No way.  I was actually ready to just lie down and take a nap as I was exhausted from another event and the garden I was trapped in was quite beautiful.  After a good 15 minutes another stranger heard my calls through the doorknob hole and let me out.  It was just in time to enjoy an absolutely beautiful day in the park serving food alongside A Humble Plate.  That day I learned these two chefs were passionate about their food and presentation equally.  It was inspiring for me as I try and better my base camp each time.

We have continued to work events and then continue to be around for various antics I appear to get myself in.  They even used their food once to try and help me get some antic….if you know what I mean.  Chefs know the power of food.


The ladies wanted to do a slider as well as my Guerilla Grub friends.  At first I was against it but the more I thought about it the more I realized that just like Lay’s Potato chips, no one eats just one.  Hell, these things come in 100 packs sometimes and the word slider is rarely said singular.   So I did the American thing and kept both on the menu to allow for a true sliders experience.

Photo by Albert Law

The sliders were sleek and the home-made chips were a nice touch.  I especially enjoyed the extra kick the peppers gave to the slider.  I heard they got these from their grandma’s backyard as well!  That is about as sustainable as you can get.  How…..American?  I think the vote is still out on that one.

Photo by Albert Law

Overall I think the dish was excellent and is definitely a must have on an American inspired menu.  The ladies continued to help prep and plate the other dishes on down the line which was truly appreciated by all.  They also deserve a bunch of credit for getting Albert Law from Pork Belly Studio to come out and take all the beautiful shots I am using in these blog posts.  Although I always think I am going to have time to do some photography myself, it never happens and would never do justice like many of these shots.  A big thank you to both A Humble Plate and Pork Belly Studio for making the night great!

Photo by Albert Law



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