BTC2: BOFFO – Making Food & Me

If you hadn’t noticed, BOFFO and I are the only 2 carts that served both Behind the Carts. What gives? Why the preference to this man and his cart? Well, to put in simply, if it wasn’t for him and his hustle I would probably have never become the Grilled Cheese Guy and would most certainly not have been doing Behind the Cart at Sam’s Log Cabin. Why? How? Let’s start from the beginning…….again.

A long long time ago on a city street not too far away my friends invited me to come hang out with them at the Oakland Art Murmur. Being new to the area I went and checked out the scene. What I saw there would forever change my local life as there were art shows, food vendors, merch booths, curbside drinking, and curbside music playing everywhere you looked! At the time my friend and Rhasaan were working together selling food right outside of The Stork Club. Right from the beginning both of them prided themselves in making organic, healthy, local food for the crowds and he has stuck to his food model still. At that time they didn’t have a name and there was a small open spot next to them. Since I had just won my first grilled cheese trophy and saw what was going on it was easy for my entrepenerial mind to put 2 and 2 together and know what I had to do. I think it only took 1 or 2 months for me to be up and selling my sandwich right next door to him.

Photos by Albert Law

Both of us are east coasters and it truly showed as we yelled and hustled our wares side by side in friendly competition. Soon my friend gave up interest and Rhasaan became BOFFO cart and I became The GrilledCheezGuy. We continued to work together until the Art Murmur forced us to go legit and work on 23rd street.

The food and east coast bond between us has favored us both well as we dove head first into the local food scene getting involved in ForageSF, NewTasteMarketplace, the Art Murmur, and more and more private events. Now he is my go to guy for events that I can not do and vise versa. It is always fun and refreshing to work with him and his friendship and hard worth ethics in the kitchen have become invaluable to me.

At some point in our travels I came to realize he was also part owner of Sam’s Log Cabin and started hanging out and working there. Once I had the idea of Behind the Cart I sat down with him early on and told him my plan. He was more than excited to try it out at his place and see how it goes. BTC became a trial run for Sam’s Log Cabin to see if they could host other events and it looks like with the success of the dinner you will be seeing many more events from BOFFO cart & his side project, The League of Urban Eaters.

Rhasaan and I worked side by side to set up this dinner and I was happy he got to serve his SF Food Wars winning Mac N Cheese to my fans. I was actually there when he won the competition as I went to help him out (and get to try the other dishes of course). The funny story about that is Rhasaan just happened to bring 2 Mac N Cheese dishes for the event (because that’s just how he rolls) and it just so happened that the person who was stationed next to him so it just so happened that I was there and ready to submit his other entry into the competition. It became Mike’s Maine Mac N Cheese that had whole pieces of Maine lobster in it. Unfortunately I lost to Rhasaan with Rhasaan’s dish and all I could do was blame Rhasaan for it. His bacon rings were definitely a beautiful site and carried over well at Behind the Cart too!

I am positive that Rhasaan and his BOFFO Cart will do many, many other great things in the bay area and will continue to create new wonderful things for us all to enjoy!


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