BTC Recap: My Grubby Oakland Friends

Photos by Albert Law of Pork Belly Studio

As you all darn well hopefully know by now, Oakland is the birthplace of the GrilledCheezGuy and the Oakland Art Murmur is the hospital is the place he emerged all goey and cheezy and sticky.  After months of crawling around the street outside of the Stork Club 2 women started telling baby GCG that he needed to grow up and take his ass over to big boy school aka 23rd street.

This required a lot of me.  A lot of growing up an growing out as a food stand.  It also required me to go legit and have to deal with things like Health Inspectors & Murmur Inspectors, both initially evil-seeming things to a young food cart.  It was the latter that brought Elizabeth and her recently release Guerilla Grub truck into my life.  She has had fun (and made fun) of watching me and my stand grow and evolve and become more efficient through the months and years now.  I actually still cherish the day she came up and gave me praise for the look of my stand at one of the Oakland Art Murmurs.  I can’t take too much of that credit as Chef Jordy was the one who was teaching me behind the scenes and now that he is gone I am still doing my best to uphold them.

As time went on I got to know her and her husband and their Guerilla Grub outfit.  I also quickly learned that Elizabeth was a die-hard Oaklandisher and she knew the people around town.  I would quickly learn to meet many other faces of town that have now helped me to get my good name and my good sandwich out to the East Bay.

Finally, around the time that Matt Cohen was bringing his behemoth truck show Off the Grid to our quaint little town of Berkeley, Elizabeth called the first meeting of the east bay food trucks and carts at none other than Sam’s Log Cabin.  A group of us got together and discussed the idea of forming a coalition that would later become OMFG to try and unite together and support each other and the food truck movement in the East Bay.  At this point in my foodie career I had already become very involved thanks to Elizabeth and had spoken out at a Oakland Town Hall meeting.  I also am fortunate in that my grilled cheese sandwich has attracted some big local names like Mayor Jean Quan to my stand.  The first time I met her I voiced my opinion of the unfair permitting fees for people like me and she promised to move forward on it.  She keeps promising me this everytime I see her and I am still going to give her the benefit of the doubt but just as I told her the very first day……no changes = no sammies for you!   I am proud to be among such a tenacious lady like Elizabeth who is fighting to help the small guys like me able to do what we are doing easier while still being fair to others as well.

Therefore, it was only fair that I invited the two to come serve at my Behind the Cart dinner.  They made a classic to their menu with the sliders and sauces.  They were all the rage and at the end of the dinner it was fun to get to sit back and tell some more personal and initimate stories with the new colleagues and friends I have been working with in the food world.  Their food, their attitude, and their actions are all totally awesome and why I am always happy to see the Guerilla Grub truck around the East bay!












PS – Make sure to check them out for lunch @ 4th and Washington & also now for RAIDERS games!  Follow em here!

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