BTC Recap: Paul the Angry Man & his Eats

Photos by Albert Law

Paul was the guy I wanted the moment I started crafting the theme & the menu.  Chicken & Waffles were the most iconic food I think I knew from the food carts I was aware of.  I had only heard about it moving out here and hearing about the L.A thing (and also seeing that guy on 30 Rock where a hat w/ “CHICKEN & WAFFLES” written across it).

I had only heard good things from foodlandia about him and his operation and once details started being detailed I could tell this guy was going to shine.  With 2 fryers and an iron waffle station in tow the man created his station and started preparing the moment he got there. The results from that herculean effort were nothing short of extraordinary.  The chicken and waffles were next to godliness.  I ate a LOT of chicken from a LOT of batches and they were all perfect-o.  The seasoning was amazing and the syrup on the waffles was epic.

I also have to give credit to the detail and planning that came with his plating.  He was the first person to bring their own dishes to the dinner.  His rectangular plates were beautiful and the greens were a nice balance (and the only greens on this menu I know!) to the other side staring at you!

Although we had never met both him and his friend pitched in from the get-go and had a great time to the very end.  Although he told me the ways that the Angry come out inside him I never once saw a hint of that side of him.  It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside him in the kitchen and hear his story at the end.  I know he has many events and even his own Pop-Up so I can go to sleep soundly knowing that those amazing chicken N waffles I had are here to stay.   The due was definitely the unsung heroes of the night with both their food and open attitude into trying to help everyone make that evening the best it could be.



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2 Responses to BTC Recap: Paul the Angry Man & his Eats

  1. Properly put from an excellent blogger

  2. I am just glad that hubby always helped in taking care of the dishes and clean up the kitchen after dinner time.

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