and Behind the Cart was it’s name-o!

Well folks if you got all comfortable and warm (or cold maybe at that last one) with how the set up and structure of these Behind the Carts was going to go, I have some bad news.  This next one is not your average dining experience.  In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen a meal served up quite like this one is going to go.

Without giving too much away yet, I just want to give you a preview of what is about to go down.  Think 1 part cafeteria/hotel continental brunch, 1 part BINGO, and 1 part food/flea market.  Put those all together with a line up of food carts that are to die for and you have the next Behind the Cart.

BTC#3: Berkeley’s BINGO BTC Brunch! Sept 18th Secret Location, Berkeley 10AM-1PM

Tickets and the menu will go up on September 1st so stay tuned.  There will be an early bird special for tickets from Sept 1st-4th so make sure you grab yours.




PS – I apologize for not closing out the last meal’s blog.  It will be done shortly.  I also encourage you to check out the “Les Carts” section for news articles and upcoming audio/video clips of your favorite vendors!

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