BTC: The first look Behind the Scenes.

As we countdown to the next Behind the Cart let us take a moment and reflect on what exactly Behind the Cart is all about.  As we move around the bay area and meet new people I get a lot of curiosity about what these underground dinners or Pop-Ups are all about.  Although it can be explained and understood with words the saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words.  This means a moving picture lasting nearly 7 minutes must be worth millions of em.  Well thanks to Myla Baker & Tap In Bay Area, I am proud to present the first film about Behind the Cart.

If you own an Ipad I highly encourage you to download the program from Bay Area News called Tap In.  It’s a wonderful app that shows you local events and places along with amazing videos, photos, and maps.  They have actually covered the first 3 Behind the Carts and each video is simply stunning.   Each one was recorded, edited, and produced by Myla Baker who is one of the rare three-time attending people for Behind the Cart.  Each video has been very unique and captures the excitement and energy of the events.  Not just that, they may be the only videos I am proud to show off that include me in it speaking and talking in front of the camera!  That is some skills.  Both Myla and Bay Area News were kind of enough to share the video from the first dinner here.  I unfortunately could not figure out how to embed the “simple” code they sent me so I must ask you to click this link below and go watch and then come back.

Upon your return, I hope that you will see the amazing experience that happens when you bring together a bunch of local food celebs and let them create a magical evening for you. The passion behind the plates is intense and I look forward to starting to put many more videos that I will show you many more of the stories behind the carts.  I encourage you to get tickets to our next dinner soon as the table is already half full and some of our local favorites will be promoting for us soon!

Click here to watch the Bay Area News film of the first Behind the Cart, produced by Myla Baker.

See you in March,

Michael Davidson


Myla specializes in creating photos and videos profiling businesses and personalities in the bay area.  Her email is and you can check out her Vimeo page with some of her other work as well.

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