Behind the Cart’s inspiration is still Wild and kicking

After a sudden cancellation of a big 2-day event for the GrilledCheezGuy, I decided to offer me up my freed Saturday evening to Iso and one of his Wild Kitchen dinners. It had been a good deal of time since I have been to a ForageSF dinner and was happy to join the crew for a full course meal at the Florida Cafe in the Mission.




I spent a lot of the evening observing, serving, prepping, chatting, and most importantly eating every delicious course. I enjoyed hearing the chef and Iso speak about the ingredients and where they had come from and some of the interesting facts about them. Iso the fisherman told us about the night smelt and pulling nets out of the surf with a bounty of bait fish. The chef told us that his foraged herbs for the evening were cilantro and thai basil. While plating the salads, I smiled seeing the miner’s lettuce being used as that has become the icon of ForageSF for me after learning about it at my first dinner. All the courses were amazing this evening but I will give my award to the local sole with squid, wheatberries, uni beurre blanc, and wild mushroom hash. The mushrooms were local hedgehog mushrooms and when you got a bite of all these things together the result was a perfect firework of flavors in my mouth. It was definitely a hot commodity for the staff in the back closet. The best part about the evening, however, was seeing how well Iso and his ForageSF crew still pour the heart and soul into every details and truly care about their forage movement.

With exactly one week till my next dinner, I can not rave enough about the dinners. Although I now can call Iso a friend, I will never forget myself sitting at my first ForageSF dinner, eating and enjoying the amazing experience of my first underground dinner. Imitation is the best form of flattery, and I always hope that the Behind the Cart chefs and I can try live up to the man who inspired it all, our local foraging foodie star Mr. Iso Rabins.

Enjoy the photos from the dinner.  For more information about the Wild Kitchen dinners and ForageSF, click here.  It was nice to meet a couple that had actually been to Behind the Cart BINGO brunch and said they loved it!  A very surreal moment for me.  Maybe next week I will have some guests that were at ForageSF! See you all Saturday!






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