Behind the Cart’s Bayou Bash!

In the words of my new favorite show about catering and food, Party Down, I gotta say:

“Are we having fun yet????!!!”

For the first time I think there was a pretty resounding consensus of yes.   I truly wonder if managers of restaurants get as much wonder and excitement with each day of being open as I do with Behind the Cart.  I guess it’s unfair to compare as we get to change out our chefs, our ambiance, and even our food cuisine with each event.  Still,  it is a great experience to watch a group of food people with varying degrees of skills work and attempt in the many parts of the restaurant/kitchen/service, sometimes for the first time in such a manner.  Not only did I have the chefs coming together, but I also got to work alongside the young adults of Old Skool Cafe, which is an absolute honor and learning experience.  Of course, the absolute cherry on top of the night was most definitely the MJ’s Brass Boppers bringing down the house while everyone enjoyed some of the best cuisine I have enjoyed in a while from SF.

I also really enjoyed the dynamic conversation we got to have between the chefs and audience this time and realize that we were so excited, we didn’t tape this round of discussions!  I apologize sincerely but was proud to hear questions relating to food inspiration and food laws (cottage laws!) backed up by a lot of appreciation for the chefs. I have to thank all the chefs yet again for being so brave to come together and serve an epic meal behind the scenes in the kitchen while also coming out to take questions and share stories.  In the coming weeks I will post about each course and share additional photos and stories behind the scenes of our latest installment of Behind the Cart.

Stay tuned next week for a big announcement about the next exciting Behind the Cart entitled:

BTC + NTM  :  AD   5/26/12

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from this Behind the Cart.  A huge thanks to Nicole from Pretty Hungry for all the stunning photos!  We will also have photos from Fer ofFer’s Bites. I highly encourage you to check them and all the great vendors out for more info about where they will be taking food photos next and serving more amazing food next!  A big thanks again and check back soon!


Michael Davidson

The amazing Sivan and his Liege waffle topped with Frozen Kuhsterd.

S+S Gastro grub’s Gumbo Pot Pie avec boiled crawfish over greens.

Myself doing way too large blocks of Red Hawk Cheese over Inna Jam Jalapeno pepper & walnuts.

Acme’s Epi bread.  A childhood favorite and pointy to keep the southern swampy thing going.

Angry Man Eats amazing hush puppies with apple butter and pepper jam.  AMAZING!

Behind the Cart at it’s best.  A beautiful moment.

The beautiful gumbo pot pies.

Hush Puppies a comin.

Fat Alley Foods and his delectable shrimp etouffee.

One of my favorite shots from this event.  The attention to detail and dedication each chef gives to these events is really what makes it work.  I look forward to working with old and new chefs next time!

Check out Fer’s Bite’s blog of this #BTC with many great photos and commentary.  (The Captain)

PSS – Outstanding in the Field tickets go on sale today.  This is the coup de gras of underground dinners.  This will be my third time and you can see photos at in the archives.

PPSS – Technically, my next underground dinner will be a Grilled Cheese Champ night at Old Skool Cafe on April 14th.  Come enjoy me run the restaurant for a night serving up some of my newest secret recipes that I will be entering into this year’s Grilled Cheese Invitational in L.A.   The night will be served a la cart style alongside some fine local beverages.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you for having me, Michael! What an OUTSTANDING food experience!!!! I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed meeting so many talented individuals and experiencing their food! I look forward to May’s BTC!

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