Behind the Cart…Got Behind.

Dear diners and fans alike,

I apologize for the silence that has grown between myself and you all regarding these great events.  If you know a little about me then you know I have been a busy boy and not silent at all in other forms.  Luckily my passion for these underground dining events has not waivered at all and after a trip to Eat Retreat and a handful of dinners here in the bay area, I am happy to say we are returning with a twist.

You see, it was at an event of my dear, dear friend Iso that I overhead a man saying he was a comedian and had a show he wanted to put on.  The truth is at first I mostly wanted to talk to him because I heard he was a comedian and you don’t get to meet that type of human being that often so maybe it would be fun.  It was kind of like getting excited to run up and see the sea lions at the zoo because they are a rare and funny site to see and experience.  What’s not funny was how wild it was when I finally got to hearing about his dinner concept he wanted to serve.  Instead of stories coming from the food like we are doing here with Behind the Cart, this funny man wanted to make the food come from the stories!  Egads!  Say it ain’t so!  Why didn’t I think of that? No really, why the hell didn’t I think of that.  Now I know it was mostly because I come from a more food-centric background when it comes to this and he comes from a more storytelling background when it comes to this.  Enchanting an audience in a way they have never experienced is where we meet in the middle and I look forward to what we are bringing you.

The series is called Eat My Heart Out and features 5 local storytellers sharing a tale with you all while Chef Joel Coleman and staff interpret and serve you a 5 course meal inspired by each one.  The event has already been mentioned in SF Weekly and we are happily accepting submissions for stories for future dinners coming up.  It has been an honor to find someone who has the same passion and gusto for this stuff as I do and I think we will be putting on a handful of wonderful dinner series for you to enjoy.

For now, stay tuned for announcements on Facebook and here for tickets to go on sale this Friday, Feb. 1st!  We already have a pretty large waitlist for tickets so we hope to see you there!  Info at 

Lastly, do not think this means Behind the Cart has gone and passed.  We are shooting to have one back in the East Bay in March.  I’m also happy to report that I got to report on another great girl doing great things with underground dinners just this past weekend. NOSH of Berkeleyside invited me to cover Little Shop Artisan Box and her first ever underground dinner with Chef Jackson.  Check out the article and also look into her great product, which I hope you will be sampling this year at BTC.


Michael Davidson

Photo was taken by DTimothy.  

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