Behind the Cart is a mobile underground restaurant bringing local food carts together to share a good meal and a great story.


The event was created by Michael Davidson as the culmination of a series of food-related events and adventures.   Michael is a current scientist, blogger, volunteer, and shark naturalist in the bay area enjoying all it has to offer.  He is also the GrilledCheezGuy.

Some current news related events about the boy and his cart:

East Bay Express – What the Fork


Food Mafia – San Francisco

The Atlantic Wire

The Albany Patch, Albany Patch on BTC2

The Bold Italic

The Wall Street Journal (Front Page!)

The Daily Beast

The LA Times (Charlie Sheenwich!)


Average Betty

Forkful of News

Myself and the other food carts regularly attend the Underground Market that was in the New York Times (Front page!)

Interested in us putting together a private BTC dinner for you? Have a venue we can use to host a BTC event? Are you a vendor who wants to join us in the kitchen? Want to cover  an event?

contact us at behindthecart@gmail.com

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5 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Laurie says:

    OMG OMG OMG. Just saw the Albany Patch article and am wondering if you would set up at a big block party with live music and other fun activities??? Short notice, very short, but, hey, take a chance?

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  4. Zelma Tredwell says:

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