Behind the Cart Events Past & Present

~March 22nd, 2014~

Chef Matt Burger

GrilledCheezGuy Michael Davidson

Chef Eddie Dick of Nopa SF & Kitchit

Anna of Siren Fish Co.

Baker Emily Floyd of Bump City Bakery

Sea Forager Kirk Lombard 

Maricela of Little Shop Artisan Box

music performance by:

Fishwives Trio

Dinner Menu

Hog Island Oyster

candied bacon, porter caviar

Smoked Trout Bisque

Saffron, Tomato and Fennel

Coquilles Saint-Jacques

Smoked sable fish tartare

beets, arugula

Dungeness crab stuff sole

meyer lemon marble potato,babyspinach, romesco

Live Catch Mystery Dish

Boozy Cupcake trio

Sea Salted Cookies

Event is BYOB. 

5:30 and 8:30 seatings

Previous Events


BTC #1 : Behind the Cart Kick Off Dinner @ Secret Location (Past Event):

This first kick-off dinner is being held at a secret location in the Mission that will be revealed the day before the event!  The first dinner in a 7-course meal that includes some of my most favorite food carts serving some very wonderful dishes which are:

BTC #2 : AMERICA: The BOLD and the Tasty (Past Event):

This dinner’s theme is all about American grub.  I’ve asked some of my favorite carts to focus on the food that makes America what it is today.

BTC #3 : Berkeley BINGO Behind the Cart Brunch: Sept 18th, Berkeley, CA

This brunch is not your average brunch.  This brunch is continental breakfast meets bingo hall meets food cart bonanza!  Prepare for a very fun and social Berkeley brunch with the following menu (NOTE: Order of food will be decided by the BINGO balls!)

BTC #4: NOLA in SF! : March 3rd, Bayview, CA

This evening was inspired by the beautiful ambiance of the Old Skool cafe combined with the feel good food of New Orleans.  Music was provided by MJ’s Brass Boppers.   The chefs and myself got to work alongside the amazing young adults of Old Skool Cafe.

5 Responses to A LA CART

  1. admin says:

    Don’t be shy! Leave a reply!

  2. Richard says:

    I live right across the street. Looking VERY forward to this. Hey, would it be inappropriate to bring my son? He may be 10 yrs old but he’s a mac and cheese and grilled cheese fanatic/connoisseur already. He’s a good kid and would not be a distraction however, if it’s more of an adult-oriented event I’d understand as well. Your thoughts? Thanks. See you Sunday.

    • admin says:

      I would LOVE to say yes to this but because it is an event with alcohol flowing we have to make it 21 and up only! I am very sorry for this. If you ever come and find me the GrilledCheezGuy at one of my events your son has a grilled cheese waiting for him on the house (like tnite at Bites OFF Broadway perhaps?) I can also do my best to make sure you get a take-home bag of mac n cheese!!!! Just remind me.

  3. Richard says:

    Thanks for the fast reply. This is NO problem and fully understand. Found a 21+ friend to come with me in the meantime who is THRILLED to be invited. And really cool of you to offer some g-cheese for my son at some future event, and the take-home bag of mac and cheese. My son will LOVE you for that!

    Thanks much. Looking SO forward to this! Now…..which beer to bring…….hmmm…..

    • Josh says:

      So stoked to be going! Still need the details, but I’ll be there! Also contemplating a beer. What were you thinking? Maybe we can buy two kinds and swap there? Maybe an amber and an pale ale? Thoughts?

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