America Sells Out!

No that is not a recent news headline.  That is a fact about this Sunday’s dinner.

We got another full house for our 2nd Behind the Cart dinner series: America: The BOLD and the Tasty!

I want to thank the Albany Patch for their wonderful article about this weekend’s dinner as well as Bay Area News Group for their insanely beautiful video/photo page that have of us on their new “TapIn Bay Area” application for the Iphone/Ipad.  Lastly, I would like to thank my good buddy Rhasaan for his shout-out in this edition of Edible communities!  The press has been a buzzin and I appreciate every bit.

I am very excited to see all the new and returning faces at the table.   May everyone have a wonderful weekend and we will see you all Sunday!  (Dress WARM!)



PS – A special shout out to Katie from @Kitchensidecar and Val from @Littleknock for their successful Rice, Paper, Scissors series.  Rumor has it that Anthony Bourdain himself went to Wednesday evening’s event!  Great job ladies and your food always looks out of this world (or at least country).  I am hoping to hunt down the TV star myself and tell him he can come to our dinner on Sunday with… reservations.

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So America.

Being only days away now from the next Behind the Cart, I now realize how real this event and this evening (and future brunches and lunches) is.  It is also So American.

I mean that in the sense that the whole idea and the people involved in it are So American.  That’s what these pop-ups are.

In America we have this mix of people with different food backgrounds coming together to share the food with different people with different backgrounds.   Our chefs are all different in their cuisine but still can come together and serve a great meal.

A So American meal of food all Americans love and love done well.  Doughnuts? Chicken? Waffles? Chicken N Waffles??! Ain’t that America!  Jerky and me!

And A So American location.  A location that when you drive by you can only thing of America.  You get that warm down-home good feeling (although I can’t speak for the weather) when you walk up to the place and every little bit of it is a piece of good ole fashion USA.   So here’s to hoping for a hootenanny of a good time!

We hope to share some good stories as well.  Like the BOLDEST man in America story because….well…..that’s just god damn So American.

In Red, White, and Blue,

Grilled Cheese Guy

PS – If you are truly So American and have an Ipad like you are supposed to already then please check out the new application “TapIn Bay Area“.  It is a very pretty app with info about all things bay area with vids/pics/stories.  It just happens to have the most beautiful video of our first dinner that really sells itself.  And that camera was pretty nice to me as well.  Thank you camera and thank you Bay Area News.

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Free BEER*!

*Glass with every seat!  Why? Because this is America and American’s drink nice beer with their fancy meals.  So bring your fancy beer to our nice meal and we will provide you a Stella Artois beer glass….THAT YOU CAN TAKE HOME!

Being the rim is gold it’s like we are giving you some gold to take home!

*Limit 1 per person.   Glasses only available at the August 14th dinner.  If you break your glass, tough toe nails.

There are currently only 19 tickets left so that means 19 glasses left and 19 custom menu’s left to take home.


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We’re gonna feed your )@#($)(#$ faces yea!

Check out the Red, White, and Blue that my much more refined friends at Twig & Fig produced for the upcoming dinner.

I know they might just be menu’s to some, but I think they are collectibles as long as you hide it away before the feast of food comes out!

More details of the evening soon……

by Twig & Fig

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Behind the Cart: Redux

How crasse of me.

Here it is a beautiful day in July already and I still have not made a peep or a tweet or an anything about Behind the Cart and I’m about to announce the next one.

Let me take a moment to do a very quick and dirty recap of the first Behind the Cart.

It was fantastical.  The food.  The chefs. The guests. The house.  The ambiance.  The talk.  The sexy sommelier walking about.  The special VIP guests aka my parents from NJ.  All of it.

I have never owned a restaurant nor run one.  I have been a server in one (Shout out to BIG FISH of Princeton, NJ!!! I loved that job the most for some reason.  Something about the ocean and ups(w)elling).  I was really into SIM games like Theme Hospital and Sim Hotel so micromanaging is my thang and with the combo some serious cooks lead by Chef Jordy it went off almost perfectly in my eyes.  I leave the guests to break it down to the nitty gritties that I might do myself, if I were them.

Seeing a collection of faces that I know as friends, that I know from the streets, and that I had no idea how the hell they had found us was also entertaining to say the least.  Everyone went from a rowdy fun loving and feasting crowd to a rapt group of interested individuals for the talk which was everything a restauranteur could want!

The great evening was followed up by a great review from the beautiful and entertaining Bold Italic who attended the dinner as well as my reporting friend Frank from Forkful of News.

I’m not sure what could have made that night much better.  Maybe some live music and more art? Yea well check both of those off for the next one!

Not the next one I announced at the dinner that was supposed to be in Oakland.  That one got put on hold for the Bull’s Eye Bold Rush Challenge that I was tossed (sauced?) into and ended up winning the GRAND PRIZE OF $20,000!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, your Nationally winning grilled cheese guy turned Underground dining tourguide just added Boldest man in America to his title.

In lieu of this bold win the next Behind the Cart’s theme is…….




The food is American as all hell.  The location is probably the most American place in the East Bay.  The chefs are American*.  The music is some down home strings American stuff.  It’s going to be a day to be proud that you are from America, the home of the boldest and the tastiest and the best damn food carts around!

Check back this Friday, July 22nd, for the complete menu, ticket info, and whatever else you might need and/or fancy.

Truly sorry for the delay in BTC’ing but I won’t let it happen again! Thank you for continuing to ask and be enthusiastic about this event!




*Not all the chefs are American.



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SOLD OUT. We have a full house!

Just like the TV show!

A huge thanks to all who took the leap of food faith with us by joining us for the first Behind the Cart.  We are looking forward to bringing you a great meal and a fun evening.

For those who want to know more or missed out on this one please stay tuned for some posts from our first event and some possible write-ups about the evening.

The next BTC (Behind the Cart….I can’t keep writing it so pass the word along about the new slang) is coming to my side of the bay….the East bay.  Quite literally.   The next BTC will be a Brunch by the Bay in June!

I look forward to updating you with photos, videos, stories, and happy stomachs from our first meal.

Yours truly,


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A Pop-Up is born….or blown up. Or blowing up? Or being blown?

That is not important.

What is important is there is yet another eccentric and culinentric event for you and us to enjoy together.  It all starts with food.  Our mornings.  Our escapes afternoon escape from work.  Our gathering of the family.  Our meetings in the city.  Our meetings in the streets!

Just like everything else this idea started with food.  I moved out from the East coast to the bay area for two reasons: the knowledge there was good food and incredible outdoors (and very, very liberal men and women, but most importantly men).

Unfortunately loving both of those things meant that I probably wasn’t going to become known for my decathlons if I was spending equal time devouring my way through my new town as I was outdoorsing.  Maybe some of you can, and good for you.  But the mixed lifestyle was perfectly fine for an aspiring foodie.  It only took a very special website to show me some of the fun things going on here, one of which was the Grilled Cheese Invitational.  4 years, 5 trophies, and many wonderful stories and events later I have become a local food cart & caterer to the bay area that I have grown to love.

This ticket to the food world, especially the food carts and at-home chefs has been a wonderful experience.  I take pride in working alongside other guys and gals that enjoy cooking and serving their favorite foods and dishes to friends and fans and strangers alike instead of going out as usual.  The devotion to food I see around here is a beautiful site.  I am reminded of the excitement for food I saw in France when I come across people at Farmer’s market and Underground Night Markets alike.  The passion for food is real and also real fun.  I never expected to have people waiting 30 minutes for some fried pickles! (and I’m still sorry for that!)

So now that I have loved and lived and learned I hope to bring the strong love for food I have seen on the streets and bring it into a more formal and fun dining atmosphere that will also further the curiosity I see in our customers.  Our fans want to know where we get our fruits and our fillings.  How we make our secret sauces and our crazy creams.  They also want to know how we ended up making bacon smores or doing grilled cheses on the corner.  We gather to hear these stories told by these special people out on the streets sharing their food.  There is a story behind every cart and I hope we can share some of those at each dinner.  At Behind the Cart, I hope we can all come together and share our stories between our food carts and our customers.

Our kick-off meal is May 20th, 2011 in San Francisco.  The event is at a secret and special location to me and tickets are on sale here.  I hope to see you at the table soon!

Share the food.  Share the stories.
Share a memory at every meal.

Michael Davidson

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